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So I just basically came back to newgrounds, basically yesterday and watched a bunch of new shorts for the monthly voting and my old animation Squares and all this emotions of nostalgia rushed back to me after reading the old comments and how (mostly) awesome this community was.

I feel like not much have changed, besides quality and I am happy to come back

Last time I posted an animation was back in 2008 though I did work on some more animations and games after that where never posted because the drive that they where backed up on died, before I posted Squares I had been hacked for the first time in my life and my first ever animation I did that didn't got blammed in here was deleted wich demotivated me a bunch and basically made me give up shortly after Squares.

I seeked another outlet to post my art and found DeviantArt and stayed there when I was a teen and well... my hormones where changing and saw sexy pic of a anthro dragon and well... you know.. wont go much into detail. But basically that was my gateway to the furry community on FurAffinity which for the longest time I was being in denial about since the horrible reputation it had, though I embraced the community later on and found out it wasn't as bad as I thought. People where really caring and nice even though their interests where....questionable. While I dont say that the furry community is pure and only rainbow and sunshines, I think it is really nice overall and I REALLY like anthro characters ever since I was a kid as I find em way more interesting than plain humans. But anyway, I got a rambling a bit too long there. XD

The only way I really have been "following" along Newgrounds is through youtube, wich many creators I loved like Oney, Egoraptor and HotdiggityDemon migrated there and have been finding more content creators through there that are/where also here!

Recently I have been posting more of my artwork here. Looking back at this website makes me want to retake animation, make stories and just enjoy making people happy with them and hopefully leave a nice message with them like I used to.

But we will see how it all turns out.

TLDR; I used to be in newgrounds, went to Deviant art, became a furry, followed old creators from NG on Youtube and now I am back.

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