Back from the DEAD!

2017-06-15 16:43:39 by CostaRic

After 6 years an evil returns....

Basically just for my 3 followers!

Im getting back into the mood of animation and hopefully wil post something soon-ish!


If you want to check my newest art and else please check my Deviant Art and Furaffinity (yes I am a furry now) as I post and I am much more active there!




I don't, i just get the feeling of a more serious art website than newgrounds, so i have been there lately, also that i have the opportunity to post sketches and have copyrights, but don't worry i still love you guys and i keep visiting from time to time.

PS: no advertisement intended. >.<

Sketchy furry drawing

2011-05-18 15:43:01 by CostaRic

So this is a sketch i did while bored, but am actually thinking of digitalizing it and work it a little bit more on photoshop, what do u guys think? Any tips?

PS: haters will hate, but i love hot cute furry girls :P

Sketchy furry drawing

Hi again newgrounds!

2011-03-13 17:24:13 by CostaRic

I have been out for 2 years pretty much, but am back and better than ever!

My recent goal is to change my old icons and banners for newer ones(as they are from '08 :P)

My other goal is to make a new flash movie wich will be a remake of my old first flash who passed judgment(wich got deleted by a hacker :\ )

Anyway, happy birthday, Hanuka, Christmas, valentine's day, pico's day, and all other celebrations i had missed in this 2 years!

"Squares" is finished!

2009-12-11 21:12:44 by CostaRic

My latest flash is done!Go on and see it!

Squares is almost finished!!!

2009-12-09 23:48:39 by CostaRic

My latest flash is almost done, i have been working on it some while ago, and i am almost finishing it!The flash is about thinking different from others and following your dreams, the animation isnt the greatest ever, but is was meant for moral message to other NewGrounders who want to start making some flash.

My inspiration?Well is the fact that i live in a small Latin country and no one want to break the shell of the society, and NG is geting monotonous with some jokes and other things...

I just wish the message will be sent to many of you newgrounders.

I will post my artwork

2009-10-11 06:05:33 by CostaRic

I will start posting my" pencil artwork" on the art portal as fast as my ban is lifted in 8 days because i got hacked.I really want NG to see all my great artwork and some paintings.

review for madness rising

2009-09-30 20:29:49 by CostaRic

couldnt post it in the flash because i got banned because of the guy who hacked my account so i cant post reviews or bbs posts neither

"it was to fast so couldn't distinguish what was happening,the things where too confusing and the red slashings didnt let me see enything that the guy was doing, but by other way it seems really well done and animated, and animating in 60 fps isn't easy neither adn the 3d of the characters where cool too"

Ahhh...Back again

2009-09-24 20:13:23 by CostaRic

I got hacked by a guy saying something about the old newgrounds.Dont opent the pm!!is to get ur username and password and fuck you up you accont and flash submissions. Like my "you write your life" =( was my first most effored flash and got deleted by this guy so dont pay attention and delet the pm.

I am planning to make a Remake for it so it will be better and awesome!!

oh and also join my collab if you want, pm me for more info or visit the forum on my posts(i dont post so much so you will find it easly)